Terms and Conditions (booking)


Quotations must be signed or agreed by email in order to confirm booking.

Payment Terms

An invoice will be issued prior to the course. Full payment is required and payment must be received within 30 days of the invoice date or 10 working days prior to the course commencement date, whichever is earlier. Should the booking be made within 10 working days of the course commencement date, then payment must be made immediately. Attendance on a course may be refused if full payment has not been received and exam results will not be released until full payment has been made. The participant agrees to meet all bank, transaction and conversion charges to pay the full invoice amount, in Canadian Dollars (CAD).  Applicable provincial taxes will be applied to published course fees.


Participant cancellations will be refunded as follows:
  • Greater than 15 working days prior to the course - Full refund
  • Between 6 and 15 working days prior to the course - 75% of the original invoice value.
  • 7 or less calendar days before the course – 50% of the original invoice value.
In the event of any cancellation for a client-specific course, the client must pay any costs for which Okazy Consulting Inc. ATO of Okazy Consulting is liable to third party suppliers, for example facilities, equipment or catering. Okazy Consulting Inc. ATO of Okazy Consulting reserve the right to cancel a course at short notice. If this should occur, participants will be offered a full refund or a place on our next available scheduled course, or alternative dates where it is a client-specific course. Refund will occur only when material provided by Okazy Consulting Inc. prior to the course has been returned by courier.


Participants may reschedule to another public scheduled course at no charge.


Participants may substitute themselves on a course at no charge but must take full responsibility for ensuring that all course documentation is passed on and that the new Participant meets the relevant pre-requisites for the course.


Participants agree to carry out the pre-course reading and homework required to successfully complete the course. Where pre-requisite qualifications are required, for example when re-certifying or upgrading, the participant acknowledges they have gained the required certification to make them eligible for this course.


Okazy Consulting Inc. ATO of Okazy Consulting cannot accept any liability for any actions whatsoever of course participants.


Any person introduced to the participant by Okazy Consulting Inc. who is subsequently employed either on a temporary or permanent basis by the participant or any company that the participant introduces, within a period of two years of the initial introduction date renders the participant liable to pay an introduction fee to Okazy Consulting Inc. of an amount equivalent to 20% of the first year’s salary.

Intellectual Property

During the course you will receive copies of material which is copyright to Okazy Consulting Inc. You agree not to share, copy, store or reproduce this material by any means without written authorization from Okazy Consulting Inc.

Course Materials

Course materials will be dispatched by courier. Proof of delivery is proof of receipt and acceptance of the costs of all course materials. Evidence provided by a courier shall be a valid proof of delivery.