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Pourquoi aller chercher une certification en gestion de projet?

Cecile Davan
January 2018 — 951 views certification Prince2

PRINCE2 is not a rule book!

Okazy Admin
July 2015 — 906 views PRINCE2 Tailoring Themes

Be Assured – PRINCE2 Project Assurance

Paul Atkin
February 2014 — 1079 views Assurance Organization PRINCE2 Themes

Applying the PRINCE2 Organization theme

Paul Atkin
December 2013 — 677 views Organization PRINCE2 Themes


Okazy Admin
May 2013 — 715 views PRINCE2 Principles Processes Themes

PRINCE2 Product Based Planning

Okazy Admin
November 2012 — 2022 views PRINCE2 Principles Themes

Is it a Risk or an Issue?

Okazy Admin
July 2012 — 1541 views PRINCE2 Themes

PRINCE2 Change Control - is it allowed?

Paul Atkin
March 2012 — 615 views Change Control PRINCE2 Themes

PRINCE2 Business Case

Okazy Admin
January 2012 — 750 views PRINCE2 Themes